Futures Commissions - No Quotas

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by erlewine, Apr 7, 2004.

  1. Anyone know the best futures broker to hook up with if you're doing swing trading, anywhere between 10-30 rt's a month? This would be a six-figure account, but by virtue of my trading style I don't generate a lot of volume.

    I'm looking to pay $10 r/t all inclusive or less, preferably with a REFCO affiliate, but I'll look elsewhere if need be.

    Musts are 24-hour order desk for backup if the online system is down, and access to both pits and electronic contracts.
  2. Did you have a look at Gammafutures.com (Refco G.I.B.) ?
  3. Try PFG in Chicago, 888-274-0321.

    no quotas, no minimums, no software fees.

    The ES contract would be $8.82/rt all inclusive.
    Others contracts would be $15/rt all inclusive.

    Ask for Richard when you call. He's good.

    Good Luck