Futures commission rebates on IB statements

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by TraDaToR, Jan 23, 2009.

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    IB is my back-up broker so I don't make a lot of volume with them, but I'm pretty sure I made more than 300 lots in December. Where can you see if the rebates have been taken into account on the statement?

  2. funny
    I just made a thread about leaving IB for Mirus futures 500 bucks per index car

    do you mind if I ask you, WHo is your main broker ??

    to answer your question partly, well it depends which DEAL you selected in account management
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    Unbundled of course.

    TS is still my main broker temporarily.
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    there is no rebate as such, you just get lower commissions when you trade
  5. There are no rebates on the futures.
  6. FGBL07


    This was done trading 1 Ticker?

    If so, the next lower fee (up to 1000 half-turns) should apply after the first 300 half-turns or 150 round-turns.
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    Trading multiple contracts, but I think the 300 limit apply to monthly cumulative across all instruments. At least with TS, it's like that. It would be crazy if IB applies it per contract. I'm sure it's like TS.
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    its accross all instruments