Futures commission rates for 60 r/t trades a month

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  1. Hello,

    What kind of negotiated rates can one expect to receive for doing 60 round trip (ex: buy to open, sell to close) futures trades per month for non-electronically traded futures contracts (such as the grains)?


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    At 60 R/T month, you aren't going to be able to negotiate much, that is considered a pretty small account by most firms, especially if you were thinking abour dealing directly with a clearing firm. Some smaller IB's might cut a dollar or two to get your account (especially if it's large), and some are pretty cheap to start with regardless of account size, and will then rebate at the end of the month if you do high volume. If you are negotiating, it will make a difference what kind of orders you do as well. 60 one-lots are a lot more costly for a firm to execute than 3 20-lots, especially if you are talking about pit-traded contracts. www.cbot.com has a section on "find a broker" that has contact info for a bunch of firms, most all have 1-800 numbers, I would just spend some time on the phone chatting, as it never hurts to ask.
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  4. Partly depends on size of account but I would not pay more than $15, including all fees. I've said this before but it is important to get good service, whcih means getting fills for market orders while you're on the phone. This assumes you have a no frills discount account. If you have a broker who gives advice you'll pay more.
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  6. For that kinda volume no matter what the account size $15 + fees is better than good. If somebody will do it for less have fun with the fills. When going to the pit you allways get what you pay for. Regardless of what posts you read here.
  7. I don´t think that they will offer open outcry markets at this price.
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    Tradestation 7 $5.60 RT
    So far dependable.
    Platform Fee of $99 plus Exchange fees.
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