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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by dbphoenix, Dec 11, 2003.

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    I tried something like this once before and it didn't work out, but there are a lot of new people, so what the hell.

    I'm going to set up a Futures Chat Room whose purpose will be to discuss what you might call "chart structure": S/R, indicators, candle patterns, trends, etc. The purpose will not be to provide a forum for posting trades.

    The bulk of the discussion will, because of its nature, take place pre-market, and probably be done by 1100. If there are 0830 reports, I'll try to get it set up by 0815. If not, I'll set it up by 0915.

    If there is insufficient interest, of course, I won't bother with it. Those who are interested can PM me for the password.
  2. Will this be on IRC or ET chat room?

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    I pm'd you. Count me in.
  5. I'd be up for it, but I'm only around till Tuesday next week. PM me the password if you get the room setup.

  6. I would be interested. I just want to shoot the shit with other traders to help the time go by. I wish you or someone would set one up on Paltalk. Talking is so much faster than typing but those that want to type can do so. Under 25 participants does not cost anything I believe.
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    The point of it is not to "shoot the shit". But I'm sure you can find something to your liking on mIRC. If not, why not set something up?
  8. Hi dbphoenix,

    Can't this be done via a message thread here at ET ?

    I mean...one of the easiest and fastest ways to discuss "chart structure" of S/R, indicators, candle patterns, trends...

    is to post charts.

    Such can only be done at ET via posting an attachment to a message in a particular thread.

    Maybe you can start a thread also in which you'll post the chat log (may help draw more interest)...

    sort'uv like a Journal of the chat...copy and paste.

    This way...traders can follow up if they want with attachments (charts) or provide more clarification to something that was quickly said in a chat room.

    When it comes to chart pattern or candlestick discussions...annotated charts clears up any possible misunderstandings and allows another to see "exactly" what someone is talking about.

    For example...back on Dec 1st someone said ES was now one tick above a major s/r level and he felt it will push higher to the next key level.

    I asked the following three questions...

    1. Which one...support or resistance?

    2. How did you compute your s/r info?

    3. What's the next key price level?

    He simple posted an annotated chart...

    I didn't have anymore questions.

    Simply a Chat room combined with a Message Thread in combo should do the trick...

    by themselves...it may not work (lack of interest) or may develop into being too dependent upon only one guy posting charts to keep things interesting.

    Just a thought.

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    I'd be willing to look at it if there were a way of copying and pasting a chart into the message without going through the whole save and upload nonsense.