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  1. Anyone knopw of a GOOOD futures trading chatroom? No bullshit - all business type of room. Where there are ideas exchanged intra day by experienced traders. Not looking for the rooms that tell you they are going long/short and you are supposed to piggy back them.
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    A few others and I frequent the index futures chatroom here on ET. It might be a little more laid back than you're looking for. I throw a lot of temper tantrums and swear a lot when I lose money (everyday). I also like to discuss things other than the market when it gets slow. Today I talked about how I have the hots for Barbara Walters and I've been known to quote episodes of Seinfeld more than once in a while. Now that I mention it, I'm the most unprofessional and inexperienced one in the room and should probably leave and let it regain some integrity. There are some friendly and profitable people in there though. Stop by and say hi. Don't expect to see me after 2pm eastern though because by then I usually get my daily margin call and throw my keyboard across the room.
  4. Join us in the futures chat room. We've currently got Ym and ER traders. If u want to join us and u trade ES, we welcome you. We all follow it as well.