Futures charting software

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by samir84, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. samir84


    anyone know a good futures charting software thats also easy on the wallet?
  2. joe4422


    45 bucks a month for real time ES with E signal, if you use one of their supporting brokers.
  3. SierraChart... they rock, and if you use IB (admittedly a somewhat crappy feed), you're paying ~$25/month for software licensing. I use barchart.com 'cause it's worth the extra $60/month so I can have a more reliable data feed.
  4. QuoteTracker is not free if you use a datafeed from a US broker.

    "Do I need to register QuoteTracker to use it?

    It depends on which datafeed you want to use with QuoteTracker. If you want to use a US Broker (other than TD AMERITRADE) for data and/or trading, then registration is required. If you are using either a NON-US Broker or a non-broker datafeed such as IQFeed, Marketfeed, Stockwatch, etc., then the registration is optional."