Futures Brokers --Who do you like?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by MojoMan, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. MojoMan


    I am looking for a place to open an account to trade futures...Where should I look? I will be trading the mini's with about 50+ round trips a day...

    Any input on who you like and why would be appreciated!
  2. I like TransAct. They offer alot of functionality on their DOM, great trade desk support, access to alot of exchanges, and it's in house software. If you have a problem with their DOM, the buck stops there, unlike third part software, when there is a problem there is a finger pointing scenario. I am moving my primary account there. For the amount of RT's you are doing you might want to lease the software instead of going through an IB for them.
  3. Open E Cry has my vote!
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    Ive been with Infinity brokerage for the past 6 mos.. They use the transact platform. Customer service has been superb, and the platform is fast. There are occasional platform issues as there are with all platforms. Talk to Patrick Zielbauer. They cater somewhat to the high volume individual
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    Three posts (include one in a thread that is several weeks old), all gushing about how great spam is.

    Could you be any more transparent?
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    plus "fee" is deceptive in advertising, they should spell out all inclusive r/t fee instead. btw, after they found out how much I pay for a r/t from my broker ecry, they said keep it.
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    I have a really basic question here...one can open an account with TransAct futures. Or one can open an account with Infinity with clears through TransAct. Why open an account with Infinity, then? Why not just open with TransAct and be done with the extra layer? What does Infinity bring to the party?
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    Because with TransAct directly, you have to pay the platform cost per month (but the commission rates are very low).

    Thru Infinity or other IB the platform is free, but you 'll pay more per R/T

    So, if you are a medium/high volume trader, open an account directly with them