Futures brokers NOT allowed personal accounts??

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  1. As a futures broker working for XYZ can I have a personal futures trading account? I heard if you are a futures broker you are not allowed to maintain a futures account.
  2. Who told you that?

    That is not true, you have to provide statements to your superviser, and obviously can't blatantly run ahead of customers!

    It is possible certain firms have a "holding period" policy and no day trading.
  3. I know that when opening an account you have to disclose it, but I don't think you are barred in any way.
  4. Floor brokers are not allowed to trade personal accounts as well as customer accounts. That is probably what you are thinking of.
  5. I have firsthand info from both the NYMEX and ICE that contradicts what you posted. As long as you are not holding paper, you can trade your own account, how do you think locals earn a living, duh.

    Please don't guess.
  6. I was referring to non floor futures brokers..such as Interactive Brokers, Ninja etc.
  7. From the CME Website.

    B552.B. Prohibition
    Dual trading shall be prohibited in any contract month which is deemed a mature liquid contract by management subject to the exceptions in Section C. below.
  8. That is basically because it is CME regulation - not something general. And even there, a floor broker can do futures trading through a normal retail outlet (i.e. not handle the trades himself).
  9. Ninja is a broker now?

    Bottom line is there are rules for both FLOOR BROKERS and BROKERS UPSTAIRS about trading their own accounts, but they are not barred from trading.

    I am sorry I ever responded to yet another retardo thread.

  10. You got me, I meant to say Infinity brokerage, not Ninja or Mirous.
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