futures brokerages amp or velocity?

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  1. does anyone have any feedback regarding either ampfutures or velocity futures either positive or negative experiences?

  2. I have amp, they're good. Low margins and comissions. I'm not a big size trader with this account so amp is better for me than velocity.
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    Dale Box Velocity Futures


    Thank you for your interest in Velocity Futures.

    If i can further assist you please let me know.

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    Well, if you are someone who's not too concerned about low commissions, latest technology, low margins, and support from floor experienced brokers, tech or otherwise, then AMP Trading is not for you!! But, if you do want these things then AMP Trading is well worth looking at!
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    Chopin, please don't take this as an attack because if you are truly happy with AMP then that's great, and your feedback is welcome, HOWEVER.........I must ask...do you work for AMP ?

    I notice you just registered this month and all 8 of your posts are about AMP and how great it is. If you do work for AMP, that is fine too just please disclose it.
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    Both are pretty good. You can not go wrong with either.

    Velocity's advantage is free X-Trader.

    Amp's advantage is zen fire feed. You can also look at Mirus , they also offer zen fire.

    All above are great companies with very good support and solid technologies.
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    No, I don't work for AMP. Just a happy camper... But, I will settle down a bit! Thank you for the feedback. Always appreciated!
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    no prob. glad to hear your happy. I have my accounts with AMP too but having some concerns lately so nice to hear positives.

  10. on 4/2 (the day you registered for ET) in the AMP vs Mirus thread you posted how you were not happy with Advantage and were considering moving to AMP because it sounded so great. Same post you threw in a bash on Mirus. So between 4/2 and 4/8 (2 of which days were a weekend) you moved your account over and already just couldn't be happier and multiple posts about how great AMP is? hmmmmm...............

    I'm gonna go with Chopin = AMP
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