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  1. Which firm offers the best day trading margin and round-trip execution cost with a stable platform.............?

    Not worried about charts...I just signed up with eSignal for emini futures data feed.....

  2. TB - Open Ecry is good and does what I need. Also includes charts and live data, so hard to beat. If you don't need a bunch of historical data, you won't need that esignal subscription.

  3. OEC doesn't have the lowest margins the op requested.

    If you keep esignal for charts, Velocity will offer you everything else you requested. Mirus also has low margins and reasonably cheap commish. You could look at Advantage Futures, Dorman, RJO, etc but they likely won't have as low margins you're requesting.
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    TradeStation platform is stable and round trip execution cost is only $4.7. But I am not very sure on the margin requirement.
  5. Tradestation margin is full both day and night, the op will find cheaper margin elsewhere.
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    I use the Infinity AT. (It was exactly what I was looking for but despaired of finding.)
    $4.80 roundtrip. Daytraders' margin = $500 per contract.
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    Any info on Global Futures will be appreciated.
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    (Sorry for the delay in responding.)
    I can't help. I trade only the ES.
    Have heard good things about the Amsterdam futures.
  9. Which futures broker is the most financially stable in terms of working capital requirements esablished by the NFA or FINRA?

    I dont want to give a firm money, do some good trades THEN have the broker go out of business on me. And since futures are not SIPC insured, I would lose all my money!
  10. Don't worry about the broker. Worry about them "good" trades.
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