Futures broker with access to ICE currencies and other ICE products.

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  1. Hey all,

    It seems like every broker has access to ICE softs, russell, and the DX contracts... but why is it so hard to find a broker who gives access to ICE's other contracts?

    Like currencies for example, DX is in the same boat and nearly everyone has it, but screw me if I want their Euro or other currency products.

    What gives?

    Anyone know a decent futures broker who has access to these contracts?

    Most of their currencies have half tick price increments (half as compared to their CME equals.) So I'm interested and want to see how well the market handles and tracks the underlying vs spot and CME..

    Side note, what about their power contracts, interested in them too but no brokers I've found have access... :/
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    How about an obvious answer? Interactive Brokers has it. Liquidity is not great though if you compare to GLOBEX.
  3. Yeah, looking at their volume info on Ice's site, I didn't expect them to be as liquid.. but how bad are we talking?

    Don't have a data feed with them on hand to look for myself.

    Also, power/electricity swap contracts from ICE? IB have them too?
  4. Sigh.. no AR contracts on the currency side...
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    We do not offer power/electricity swap contracts from ICE.
  6. Thanks, that was really out of curiosity more than anything else.