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  1. Is there a futures broker that will charge a set amount for unlimited fills for one of the following: ES, NQ, ER2? Example: $1000 a month for unlimited fills in ES?
  2. No.
  3. With Global at $1/RT, that's equivalent to 1000 RT's per month.
    That's 50 RT's per day.
    You trade more than that ?

  4. Global only charges $1 R/T??????? Are you sure??????

  5. Sure??????
  6. SDticks


    How will they cover exchange fees if they only charge you a fixed price?

    Please let me know if you ever find something like this.

  7. No not yet. I was curious to find out if such set up exists. I think one can lease a seat on the exchange or even buy it but that is major $$$$$$. As for leasing, it is less than $1500 a month and then you can trade any amount of futures for $50/day. This is what I have gathered so far. Any other info out there?
  8. I think the $50 is just the cap on the exchange fees. You will still be paying commissions to your broker. I'm not sure, but I think that if you lease a seat, your profits are taxed as if it were income, not as investments.
  9. Totally bogus for the average retail trader:

    "There is a monthly fee of $650 for the first exchange for the usage of the actual X_TRADER® Platform. (See below for a full statement of fees.) "

    Why do these guys even try? IB is the way to go!
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