Futures Broker for small accounts

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by bigbrent701, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. Hey not sure which board would attract the most attention so posting here also.

    I have sent in the account forms for alaron however they have been very slow to respond and when i spoke with them on the phone they asked for an employer name and address. Currently I am employed as an intern for a major brokerage firm but will be leaving at the end of the week. For obvious reasons i cant put them down as my employer.

    I am looking for a broker that accomodates small traders that will do an average of 1-3 YM round trips per day. Any suggestions, I have a low net worth and net income.
  2. Q12


    You shouldn't have a problem opening an account... they may charge a you tad higher commission if you're not trading much. I highly doubt they would contact your employer, but just to be safe, put down your buddy's cell phone number and tell him what's up. You should be fine.
  3. globals very good for small accounts. you can get $4.50 r/t for the es and around $4 for the ym with no other fee's using strategy runner software. i think there min's 1 or 2k.