Futures Broker for *exotic* foreign futures

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by SideShowBob, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. Can anyone recommend a retail broker with decent commissions that supports trading of exotic foreign futures such as Tokyo Grain Exchange, Malaysia Derivatives Exchange or some of the Chinese commodity exchanges? Or Brazil?

    I am not necessarily looking for rock bottom commissions (although I won't be upset by them) but I am not looking to pay $200 per contract either.

  2. Only FCM I've heard of that can trade the Chinese exchanges is Newedge, but they're not really a retail broker -- I think min account for them is generally $10M.

    MF Global can trade Malaysia and Tokyo markets.
  3. Newedge is minimum $3 million.
  4. I believe someone mentioned IB on this site. They were already trading asian markets. Could give them a call.
  5. IB does not allow trading of foreign commodities for US customers. They say the CFTC does not allow it but the CFTC website says they do (they only restrict foreign index futures). Still waiting for IB to check into this.
  6. What are the commissions like at MF global? Say if you trade 100 contracts round trip per month?