Futures broker for a low volume trader?

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by SideShowBob, Jan 30, 2006.

  1. I'm looking for an all electronic order entry futures broker who has access to pit trading on major exchanges in the US (and Eurex) and won't slam me with monthly charges. I plan to make about 10-20 trades per month (round trip) although that may increase as I research more markets. I understand as a low volume trader I won't get the best commissions -- but I'm more worried about horrible fills that higher commissions. I don't need hand-holding (at least not from my broker :p) and I don't want to pay data fees since I will only generally be using data immediately before and after a trade (I'm trading based on daily data which I get elsewhere).

    Can anyone recommend a good broker for my type of trading? I use IB for my automated intraday trading but as of right now they don't offer pit trading. How is velocity? Man?
  2. IB will offer pit contracts when we're all flying around in hovercars and wearing clear plastic jumpsuits. Stay tuned.

    Velocity's gig is not pit contracts, but they offer access.
  3. Are you saying you don't have a hovercar? And personally I'm looking forward to seeing Roseanne in a clear plastic jumpsuit....no more worrying about going blind.....
  4. Instant cataracts!
  5. Bob-

    When I was with Proactive they treated me right, and if I get back into futures it will be with them again.


    Send a PM to Truff, he works for them and is a member here.

  7. I also trade a few contracts here and there, I have been using XpressTrade. They give free streaming java charts on all markets, no minimum account balance, no inactivity fee, and very easy to use platform. There commisions are not the greatest, I trade a lot of grains/metals and pay about 23 bucks rount turn. Electronic index futures are 10 bucks roundturn. There fills on electronic products is excellent. The fills on pit traded contracts are ok but I have not traded anywhere else so I have nothing to compare it to.
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    Depends which pits, I suspect -- and how big your account is.

    Best best best is to find the leading commercial broker with a bigger house like UBS or even Bear . . . which pits are you wanting to trade?