Futures Broker Advice????

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by dmq, Jan 29, 2009.

  1. dmq


    I will be opening an account with one of three brokers I have found online -

    - Infinity
    - Velocity
    - IB

    I am wondering what you all may think the relative strengths and weeknesses of each of these may be. I will be much more of a swing / position trader, so absolute speed is not of the essence, and I will be trading mostly spreads - NOB, FOB, FIT, ED, butterflies, and grains - and I am willing to pay a higher commision for the features I want. I anticipate trading up to 50-75 contracts a week maximum for at least a few months until I am more up to speed. Ease of use is importatnt, but good charting and customization is important as well.

    I do like that IB allows me to link together FX, futures, stocks, and other stuff.

    Velocity seems to offer TT for free, is there some great downside to this or them? How does TT compare to the others' platforms?

    Thanks, Darian
  2. mspkash1


    I use IB for the same reasons you mentioned. commission is $4.80 RT. works good as long as you dont trade large sizes.
  3. rymondo


    I think it depends what your priorities are. Personally I wouldn't choose a broker by their charting package; I would consider order routing and the robustness and redundancy of the network more important. And the amount of info you have about how your trade is handled place your order. If you get a technical failure will you know where your stop is resting? Is it at exhange level or on a server someplace? You can get your charts elsewhere and if they go down it's no big deal.

    Look into the main order routing technologies - TT, Zen Fire, CQG, decide which you are most comfotable with and then choose a broker.