Futures at their lowest level of predictability

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Pekelo, Jun 22, 2006.

  1. Pekelo


    They just mentioned on Bloomberg, that index futures before the open are at their lowest level of predictability in 3 years as far as where they gonna be by the end of the day...

    I am not sure how they measured, maybe by statistics, nevertheless it is an interesting piece of info. Maybe we should start to fade the predictions...
  2. erToo


    The usual flags and patterns seem to have gone helter skelter lately.
  3. agreed,the market is really moving unusual lately.....last 2 weeks behavior is extremely unpredictable & patterns are`nt coming to fruition..................PPT or CPT??If so ,they`ll do everything in their power to keep those H &S patterns from coming to fruition.
    big buy lots coming in at the offer at critical levels like necklines is a ballsy move by any speculator................but that`s what the CPT is for.......to save the game.
  4. perhaps the trading bots are playing games but the overall picture that I have is that it is well within normal trading patterns

    we may go a bit higher on monday or tuesday but the sentiment is set for going down. who knows if the PPT / CPT will be able to halt the slide. time will tell

  5. BCE


    Sorry, couldn't help but chuckle :D Whatever do they mean by that? :D Who really knows where the market's headed beforehand even though some pretend to? :D We all have our reads maybe, but there are so many variables. And right now after the market sold off so much and was maybe "oversold" short term and has tried to rebound, it does get a bit choppy. And as the economic numbers and earnings coming up roll in, we'll see how it goes. Personally I just monitor the action/trading itself during the day to get a "feel" for how whatever issue I'm looking as is trading. Stay tuned. :)
  6. K-Rock


    It seems like recent predictability perceptions are based on the timeframe(s) you trade.
  7. humble1


    Patterns are playing out A-OK from what I see. You should write to Bloomberg and ask them to show you evidence that the markets are predictable in the first place, and then evidence that supports their current position. I'll bet they don't answer you.
  8. BCE


    This morning seems like a good example of their unpredictability. Sure is volatile. :) ES hitting it's lows now. ER2 is hangin in so far. New home sales coming up at 10 AM EST. Good luck trading everyone. :) Quite a Bull/Bear fight this AM. :)
  9. "Futures at their lowest level of predictability"

    Perhaps for you.
    May be not for some others.

    It's unwise to make such a general statement.
  10. ===========
    Well they are at thier lowest levels;
    Bloomberg got it part right .:p
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