Futures Are Up--good Long Day:)

Discussion in 'Trading' started by BlueStreek, Dec 3, 2006.

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    Until Q/SPY uptrend channel is broken, I don't understand this bearish mentality.

    No one can predict the market, you can only react to it. What are you reacting to on a sunday night. a fart aim at a blue moon in Asia ?
  3. GET A CLUE......WE had some distribution days....but friday`s selloff was no accident----down 125----and sinking before manipulators came in.......but the news is so bad....once you take the weekend to digest the news............everybody and their uncle will be selling right straight into fridays job report......it looks like a full blown recession is coming---and with moscow talking tough on monday---we will have a selloff for sure------get used to it loser longs-------------party has been over since 11/22, you idiots need engraved invitations to sell....and are holding on to pipe dreams of "short-term market manipulation/noise" for saving your bagholding asses:)

    Once trend lines are broken my paper boy knows to sell by then..........what losers longs are---you should have been long 4 months ago-------little late to the party----but we have some nice parting gifts for you loser longs--------you get some party horns to blow as you watch your beloved trendlines broken this week:)
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    I'm sorry, I have a hard time reading your posts. Not sure what's up but your writing style sucks ass. ie you use dashes for spaces and crap like that

    I don't have a problem going short but first I would like to see some CONFIRMATION before talking out of my ass (ie you). Again, until uptrend channel support is broken shut-the-fuck-up----ok ? ;)
  5. what number on the snp 500 do you need to have hit before you start shorting this market messy?
  6. In my case i think 1380 is that number
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    Here is what I need to see to go short.

    1375 becoming resistance.
  8. well.....that is the tradeoff----you give up 17 points of profit..........then when it busts through this 1380 for real........it probably goes another 8 points by the time your sure.......so we are at 25 points........then everybody else jumps in another 4 points.....by then you have given up 29 points of easy profit......and acually you should have shorted at 1407 like me.................so i have a 39 point head start using my ta approach....so maybe you trendline worshipers might want to mix in some statistical analysis besides just looking at freakin charts all day long:)

    btw, futures down 15....tha`s pretty unusual for the ym lately.........usually the push it up.............its patently obvious...where the indexes are going monday...............just the worst set of economic news.........even fund managers finally realize the gig is up!
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    ...but then again the index could bounce hard off the support line owning your sorry ass :)
  10. Not sure what you are talking about on Friday, it was a little crummy, but I was able to make a fair profit on Friday's activity in US markets. Mostly on options though. Nice buying oppertunity on NASDAQ also. I think you are oversold on this doom and gloom. I think you are such a hardcore bear nothing will stop your bearish mentality. That is fine, but ease off a little bit. I guess we will see in the coming week, but I do not believe it is a bearish outlook as you claim... Sorry.

    Did well on HD; you know the one you said was going into the crapper. Sold my option for a .60 profit on Friday.
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