Futures are falling

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  1. no news yet they are lower by a lot
  2. do not worry! I will start getting long at around the low of last Friday (Dec. 5, 2008), and then they would stabilize. Read this to see how smart money have have been thinking last Friday:


    PS: I reserve the right to change my mind if I do not see a guarantee for a profit!
  3. GM exploring BK. Senate forcing them into BK. Probably no vote tonight. The domino's will start to fall. DOW at 5500 by years end of GM goes under. Riots in Detroit. Unemployment at 10%+ for the Jan. numbers given in Feb.
  4. how low can we go i'm getting scare4d :eek:
  5. hmm but GM is up in AH...
  6. GTS


    Don't worry, its just your imagination...like the recession.
  7. When futures fall without news, it will fall further because people like you will be caught like a deer in headlights.
  8. Maybe pricing in a bad retail number. Odds are all these losses will be recovered by 10:00
  9. News said that even if senate plan is a go it is not the house plan and the house has been sent home unless Pelosi calls them back.
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