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    Does anyone know a good and affordable data provider for realtime Futures & Indices for entire US market?
    I would also be interested in the historical data (5 years at least)

    PolygonIO is good in term of price and features, but does not provide those data.

    For now, I am interested in a subscription as an individual use / non-pro
    but if you know good/competitive providers with professional plans, I will have a look.

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  3. Zuiquan


    I had contacted them around 1 year ago, but they were expensive compared to PolygonIO.
    So, I went with PolygonIO

    Now, I am searching for something that would complement it, or provide what PolygonIO provides + futures & indices, but within a similar price range

    For example, I currently ask myself about twelvedata.com
    Does anyone tried/use it?
    I am not sure I can do what I want with their 'limited' plans (number of symbols through websocket)

    And, there are maybe other interesting providers
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  5. ZBZB


    Do you want an api?
  6. wmwmw


    Open an account at ameritrade,you can get free data for futures and indices.
  7. algoseek

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    algossek.com has affordable US historical futures and index data from 2007 to the present. We also provide a lease option, which lowers the upfront and monthly update fees.
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    Thank you, all, for your answers!
  9. Have a look at https://ginses.com, they offer futures and options.