future USD uncertainty

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  1. Should a young trader be worried about the future uncertainty and possible depreciation of the USD if they are from different countries and they trade instruments denominated in USD? Or do you think if the USD keeps depreciating these instruments will be traded in different currencies?

    But if you trade on the nyse or nasdaq which are superior stock exchanges - should you be worried?
  2. As a trader, it should not matter, especially when you consider all the different vehicles there are to trade. As an investor (longer term holds), you might be affected.:)
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    you should be worried and should hedge 100% of your exposure through futures or a forex broker
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    Is your account in USD?
  5. Yes, it is in USD.

    And how can you be hedged when future earnings is uncertain.

    I am talking about many years down the road not just the next few months to year.
  6. Perhaps the $ rallies from here, and you hedged yourself right out of the benefit. The point ssimply that you should learn how to make money trading, and where to save it next. If you don't make it, you can't save it.:)
  7. Amen.