Future troubles for BAC

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  1. Massive buyer in the 2.50 puts in BAC, expiration is Jan. of 2011. These are not in the money until BAC is under $2.50 a share. And the average price paid is probably $1.10.

    Irreversible problems may have been detected by this put buyer.
  2. Or it could just be a hedge, no?
  3. Hedge.

    And the underlying doesn't need to drop all the way to $2.50 for the buyer to make a profit, if it's not a hedge.
  4. Irreversible goods news may have been detected by the put seller.

    This is what the clown calls massive

    2.50 VBAMY.X 1.00 Down 0.09 0.98 1.03 4,349 13,600

    4,349 against 13,600 oi.

    Massive nonsense here

    May call for the dreaded perm lifetime ignore for wasting my time
  5. lindq


    Madoff is under house arrest, but they haven't pulled his internet connection.

    Figure it this way: What has he got to lose?