Future trading after 6p.m E.T

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    Hi All,
    Want to start trading futures, anything liquid after 6pm E.T,
    Until 11p.mET.Any future will do, it must be active and liquid.

    Asian maybe, I 'm busy with a day job in the morning.

  2. This is advice to preserve your surely hard earned capital:

    If you can't find the information requested easily by yourself refrain from trading futures.
  3. take a look at the Hang Seng Index HSE (Hong Kong) and Kospi 200 K200 (Korean).
    There are threads here where you can find more information on it.
    Good luck,
  4. one of the more fluffy answers in ET history. I highly doubt that locating exchange hours and liquidity information has much to do with future profitability. Everyone has to start somewhere.
  5. The following markets have lots of liquidity in the US evenings:

    K200 (Korean KOSPI)
    SGXNK (Japan Nikkei on SGX exchange, there are a couple other variations on the Osaka exchange)
    STW (Taiwan stock index on SGX exhange)

    However, only K200 has decent movement on the average night. It's a huge contract though, and can get very choppy. If you trade 3 or less lots per clip, take a look at the following markets, which are more volatile and have good moves on most nights:

    SPI (Australian SNFE stock index future)
    HSI (Hong Kong HKFE stock index future, MHI is the mini)
    HHI (another Hong Kong HKFE stock index future)

    There are a few others that trade at night but they're not worth mentioning because they lack either liquidity or movement.

    FYI, I have a journal going at the moment in which I trade HKFE products.
  6. One of the more careless postings on ET.

    If you don't know, how to pull up futures charts (and therefore determine by yourself how much volume is there at which time and if the instrument chosen suits you) it will lead undoubtedly to loss when trying to trade futures (which is, what the OP claimed he wanted to start).
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    Thank you All for information,
  8. I will rephrase this. YOU ARE A JACKASS. Did you understand it that time? On to the IGNORE pile with this nugatorial nitwit...