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    Hey y'all,

    With the changing economic climate, Occupy Wall Street movement, declining profits in the financial sector, increasing public anger towards Wall Street and finance profession, what do you think is the future of trading as a career.

    I am sure there will always be some successful traders. And rich people will always need good men to manage their wealth.

    But as a career advice to the next generation, is trading still a good career to pursue? If not, where do think the next gold rush is going be?

  2. Residential real estate
    Rents goin up
    Supply low
    No new construction
    Eventually banks loosen up and people chase homes again

    If u have cash.can negotiate great terms

    This is a good risk reward play in select markets
    I'm seeing un leveraged 20 to 30 % cash flows
  3. I just had a buddy pick up a house with a 3.87% 30 year fixed,
    Generational and historical lows in mortgage rates.

    How many mortgages will a bank allow one to take out for rental realestate properties? 3-4?
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    The fact is
    Trading is a cycle
    it will never die as long as people have that desire to have more but put forth less effort
    And where better to achieve this than in the stock market
    there is currently not enough new money coming into the stock market
    to keep the market at their current levels
    Management fees and greedy traders are not helping
    Secondary markets do nothing for a company
    They already have the money before and immediately after an ipo
    So why the heck should companies car about the stock
    Their main focus should be producing quality goods s and services. Ceos needed to shift their focus. News should follow as well
    As soon as people realize secondary markets are really nothing but a high end casino then all progression/advance in the dow of s and p will slow to a crawl
    Because no one is going to part with their shares and companies will all start posting dividends slightly higher than the bank rates. This is no longer the stock marker. It is the bond market but with owner sship.
    Back to the title at hand

    What the ding trading career needs is not more suckers. That is way too hard to achieve and would require so much marketing and advertising that people will start to think of this whole system as a scam.. Much like a late night infomercial... Side note... Ever loook at the individual words that make up info mercial. Lol quite funny..

    Sooooooo instead it is easier to create winners.easier to are them to win. For they attract people. People are born stupid...
    Look st the casinos... Winners are always to father a crowd of followers..dnvy. Jealousy.rage hope. Whatever emotion it causes cannot be avoided.. We are not monks.
    We want their success. So we try and emulate them. Only 99 percent fail.
    The one percent are to greedyto giveup WHATTHEY LEARNEDbecause they too had to struggle at first. If it was thief self realization they would be happy to share the secret....
    So be aware .... Beware... The winners they win b.c they know that you don't know... They need you to make them a winner....
    I think there is currently a round of winnersinthe making right now actually... Lol
    And with every winner... There is bound to be a flock of potential losers...
  5. Trading will be the same hard business like it was in the past.
    Nothing will change that. Its a trading business, like trading any other real psychical markets.

    So long there is a market, there will be winner and losers.

    To make a career in the financial trading business, you must be a very hard worker.
    Since the most people are lazy, they are losers.
    Only a few people can make it up to level where they make constant money.

    Becoming a successfull financial trader, is the hardest thing you can imagine.

    Its not for lazy people.
  6. Always hope for the Best & expect the worst.

    Pray for the next moment the markets will fuck you,
    after that it will get better.

    Thats my old wisdom.
    After rain comes sunshine.
  7. In a short time, ignorant politicians will be under a lot of pressure to eliminate programmed trading.

    I good example of non-programmed trading that is a lot more dangerous is observed in "Margin Call". Naturally, they did just one little thing to get crunched (leverage client's money for their own accounts) by a poor and overly narrowly focussed model. We saw a scientist type Ivy leaguer put in the leverage limit boundary piece too late in a silo based multi-level firm. LOL ....

    Too bad about that inoperable liver tumor. Building a home on cheap fill made it rough tooo.
  8. I really agree with you