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  1. I'd like to know what will be the future of trading once people live on different worlds/moons? The problem I am referring to is the natural time lag of information (aka speed of light) between distant points. If you live on Mars it could take about 11 minutes and 7 sec each way to send and receive a trade order/confirmation. (See mathforum.org/library/drmath/view/56304.html) Other celestial bodies could take shorter/longer times.

    How can the trading market function with this degree of lag time?

    Any ideas?
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    wow. this is a great question... probably what you'll have is separate markets. but you will still have the ability to trade longer timeframes if you want! i'm sure the best traders out there could do it easily.

    147 days till mars express arrives....
  3. however, most businesses would most likely still have attachments to earth/moon and other planets. It's not just a question of separating the market, but actaully going about the business of trading of securities of multiplanetary corporations.

    Ex: If Mars Mining Co. was traded on both the Nasdaq and Marsdaq how could the trades ever be reconciled because of the time lags?
  4. also, that time would vary, depending on such things as how far mars and earth are apart (orbits).
  5. Noted in the link provided...
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    this is great...i saw this a couple months ago from someone who showed it to me...yeah you have to be a silly person to not think that there are billions of other civilizations out there.
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    ET phone home...

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