Future of the nasdaq

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  2. What is the purpose of starting this thread? If you seek attention that badly, might I suggest you get a puppy.
  3. pointless. All you did was create the same graph that has already happened.
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    what a retard
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    true, all you did was create the same pic from 1998-2000 and add another 5000 points to the nasdaq.

    I could draw lines too you know....

    I want to see you draw lines for the next bear market before the nasdaq gets back to 5k. Do you honestly thing the nasdaq is going to run straight to 10k+....Give at least one or two major catalysts.

    I certainly think this market goes into bear mode before the nasdaq makes its way to 5k unless the little investor comes back and brings 1998 with them. Then maybe will see nasdaq 3500-4000 by the end of 2007.
  6. Well he DID predict the nasdaq would be at 5000 before the end of 2006. You got to give him credit. We are so close to that 5000 mark.:D
  7. The cheap dollar combined with money moving from real estate to stocks will help trigger another bubble. There wont be any major catalyst like the 90's rally. Instead it will be driven by new money (liquidity) and the heard mentality.

    The nasdaq gained 700 points from the Summer 2006 lows and I would not be surprised to see it gain another 5000-8000 points within the next five to seven years.
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    The cheap dollar, hmmm. I never knew a cheap dollar could off so "much". The move from Real Estate to stocks is old news, that happened 18 months ago when smart money left real estate. As for liquidity, right now there is plenty of it, how long that lasts is anyones guess. I think when that does dry up it will be one nice big bear correction of at least 15-20%.
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    Don't you ever get tired of being the village idiot?
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