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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by ohamoodi, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. ohamoodi


    Does anyone have insight as to wear the most lucrative opportunities in trading careers will exist in the next 5 years?
    Commodities? Riding volatility in equities?

    What are the monetary prospects of a career in institutional equity sales?

    Also, in terms of geographic prosperity, would London be seen as a relative hot-spot for success in trading for the next few years? After all, it is somewhat of a bridge for the east and the west these days.

    If i repeated a earlier post, my apologies, but I'm hoping to receive some positive advice & feedback.

  2. It comes down to the person I would say. I wouldn't matter what instrument, or where the location is.. really. It is all in you. That's how I feel about myself.

    Focus on yourself !!! learn.. apply.. fix.. fund.. learn more... profit !!!
  4. ohamoodi


    It just clicked to me now what you mean by that. Sort of saying, my success is what i put into it. Maybe my question is really me trying to find the 'easy' way. Generally, i have such a broad interest in sales and trading, variety of asset classes, functional roles in the business, I suppose it was more a question of guidance. I just love the markets!

    As for geographic consideration- the reason I bring it up is that it seems that some of the greatest traders in history (Soros, Rogers) are predicting an impending financial crises in the US, more complicated then the current issues of sub-prime/housing deterioration and subsequent credit freeze. Then again, traders 'should' be able to make money in bull or bear markets. More interested in the future prospects of London...

    Cheers TudorJones!!
  5. I would agree with TudorJones. If you are geared toward instant scalping, then stocks would not be for you. If you like to watch a trade unfold over a number of days, then intraday futures would not be a good choice. Have you spent time with all the major trading instruments to see what you like, then tried those in a simulator to see if the action appeals to you?

    The simulator is indispensible to see if the speed, movement and feel grabs your attention or not.