Future of MSFT?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by BwPirt, May 26, 2011.

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  2. Not necessarily.

    Even IF he poof, disappears, would it matter? Feeble rally.

    MSFT is a great shill. In the S&P 500. In the DJIA 30. In the NASDAQ 100. All weighted indices and MFST is a lot of weight. Dead weight. Masks carnage on down days and rotation.

    Lot of order flow. What? 27 million a day? Near churn.

    Transformed from a growth company to a utility long ago.

    Started out-sourcing support long ago. Sir, there is too much curry on lamb.

    What void(s) left to be filled on an O/S system?

    That leaves trinkets, baubles, and gadgets.
  3. BTW I'm starting to wonder about Einhorn. Impressive Cornell credentials and compounded performance but..........

    He's presently a partial owner in MSFT, BBY, and the Mets.


    Case study in size becoming an albatross?