Future of Gen X/Y...

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  1. ...slavery? :mad:
  2. Yes. We early Boomers are now accepting applications for gentle indentured servitude.
  3. einai


    i hear you

    pull the plug on their Medicare in a few years while they're dozing
  4. I regret to inform you that between AARP and the NRA we account for 80% of all lobbying monies spent to influence our corrupt system ("the best legislature money can buy"). I venture to say that you belong to neither.
  5. clacy


    I regret to inform you that the NRA and AARP are diametrically opposed to one another politically. I hope you already knew that.
  6. The thread's topic concerns the Gen X/Y, however the topic almost immediately shifted to the Boomers...

    ...selfish indeed.
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    Lol. I have many friends including myself who are recent grads with post-grad degrees who cannot find work. And now that we're out of school no one wants us for an intern either. Too many unemployed with more experience who are willing to take a lower salary and not enough jobs for all. And when the jobs come back we'll be older with no (relevant) experience so the recent grads will be more attractive candidates. Lost generation here I come.
  8. Clacy, I am happy to defer to your superior demolobbographic knowledge. I based my assertion solely on the observation that in my state the easy preponderance of concealed handgun licenses issued last year went to my crowd, the eldest being 92. I think that gerries are ready to kill to preserve their Social Security benefits. Or possibly to thin the ranks of welfare recipients.
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    Who could doubt that? I have nothing against the 92-year-olds BTW--they actually produced something.

    The boomers on the other hand are like an insect plague that consumes all that comes its way, first the wealth of their parents, then that of their offspring.

    What kind of organism does that in nature?
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    I believe the latin name for that animal is douchebagis majoris.
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