Future of Euro

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Ripley, Jun 3, 2005.

  1. Just curious, so if the European Constitution is going to be rejected, that could automatically mean that there is no future for Euro, the common european currency.
  2. msfe


    nonsense ...
  3. Good to Know ... :D

    I was thinking about going long Euro.
  4. ...no as a speculative bet, but rather as a hedge for my future earning potential in this country.

  5. FT79


    Sometimes it's necessary to take 1 step back for you can make 2 steps forward. IMHO (as European citizen) this is the case.

    The constitution is just the current agreements between the nation with a nice paper wrapping around it with small modifications.

    Some things are still not right in Europe, for example The Netherlands pays twice as more than Germany and England per citizen (EUR 180 vs. app. EUR 75).
  6. The Euro zone was about frere-trade and economics.

    The political side and consolidation of power side of it as been rejected. That's a good thing and Europe will stay the way it should be.