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    I have a system that generate automatically trading instructions for trading the index futures. As I am new in this matters, I ask somebody to explain which is the ticker name of the futures associate with the following indexes:

    DJIA, NASDAQ, NASDAQ100, SP500, SP100 and RUSSELLL2000.

    I only know that the traded future of the DJIA is the YM, and the corresponding one to the SP500 is the ES, anybody can tell me which are the missing ones?

    Thank you!
  2. How can you design a system and not even know the underlyings you supposedly designed it for???

    S&P100 futures?
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    Optioncoach, I didn't design it. I bought it. It is a system that work with any set of data.
    I am applying it to indexes, since I have the historical data, but I cannot trade the indexes.
    Yes, the S&P100 data, whose code is OEX, and I downloaded it from yahoo finance. Does it have a future associated?
  4. The best place to learn about all of this is cme. com or something like that.

    They usually list every contract you can trade on each exchange.
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    Can one trade the nasdaq index? I found that the nasdaq 100 has a future called QQQ, but IO wasn't able to find anything about the NASDAQ.
  6. QQQ is not a future, it is an ETF.

    Go to www.cme.com and look up all the symbols and properties for the index futures. It is all there for you to go see....
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    Thank you, I found it!!!
    For the NASDAQ, the e-mini is the QCM.

    By the way Optioncoach, what's an ETF?


  8. QCM? You might want to double check that.
  9. http://www.cme.com







    The above links should be able to answer most of your trading questions.

    Whomever sold you that system should have at least told you the names and symbols the system is applicable for.

    Give them a call to find out the info you need to use their system on.

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