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  1. I am new here .
    I plan to learn and trade day-trading future in Hong Kong . There are only two index futures(popular , not count those inactive) in Hong Kong . Hang Seng index Future and Hang Seng China enterprise index future .

    I am going to use multichart so I need historical past intraday tick data for back testing . I wish I can start auto trading as I have a full time job .
    Would anyone like to sell his historical tick data collection for only the above two futures at a friendly price ? Please email or pm me if you would like to help .
    I am not asking for free but wish someone can offer help too . Or anyone know some web that sell the above index future data individually . I don't need other market anyway so it is not worth to pay more to buy a world market dvd market , etc . I will only start with these two at this moment .

    Thanks in advance .
  2. thanks .
    But what I want is only the above mentioned index future data .
    It seems did not included from the web site you posted .

    Do some one have it and like to share it with me by a reasonable price ?
  3. Kris


    try tickdata.com
  4. Lucrum


    Yeah I'd like to have data from the future too.

  5. Here you go:

    C (Citigroup) : $0.00