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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by elon, May 20, 2011.

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    I was reading my broker's newsletter this week and they mentioned they're starting an HD iTunes podcast series for futures trading education, which seems like a cool idea.

    I use iTunes for watching podcasts in other topics but never thought to use it for futures trading. I noticed Lind-Waldock also has one.

    Does anybody have any podcasts they suggest?
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    Hey Elon,

    I believe you work there don't you ???

    I spoke with you at Cannon , last fall.

    Hmmmm, I smell a subtle fowl here....
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    Haha no, though I understand the confusion and appreciate you broaching it - that could be awkward otherwise. Elon is the name of my alma mater (university), not my "name". I can't imagine anybody who would be willing to put connect their name with their posts on the internet.

    For what it's worth, I know who you're referring to and can see the similarities. Although I'm pretty sure they have both different spellings and pronunciations.
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    I think his name was Elan or Ilan. Nice guy, from what I recall.
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    To jump back to the topic of my thread, I did some of my own research into futures trading podcasts and downloaded a few... I was less than impressed by the selection though because the ones that first turned up in a search seem to have stopped being updated in 2009/2010. There do seem to be a variety of educational podcasts but I'm more looking for education + that day's market movements as education in action.

    1.) First the Lind-Waldock ones I mentioned above... they're 1-3 years old and are more focused on educational topics, but I think they're worth listening to and very well done. In particular there's a popular one titled "How Currencies Affect Global Markets". They do seem to be all audio but the voices are easy to listen to/ follow and not monotone.

    2.) The most current series is "Emini Trading Strategy System" by David Marsh. He pushed the system he sells in the beginning of it... pretty quick turn off for me, but I kept listening. The analysis is interesting later on, but it's an only-audio podcast so its hard to visualize what he's talking about when he's talking about specific support and resistance levels, indicators, etc.

    3.) "Floor Traders Club" in Chicago's Educational Trading Channel. This one has charts, but they're so blurry you can't see the numbers nor what contract they're for. The guy is also very, very monotone and slow. Maybe I just saw a slow day.

    So from what I've gathered the educational ones offered by Lind (and probably others, there's a bunch) are great, but the current series aren't very well done. Please let me know if anybody finds anything else!