Furniture for my trading room

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  1. I am looking for new office furnitures for my trading room, such as desks, tables, chairs.
    In another thread, "picture of your trading stations", some furnitures are shown. But, the focus of that thread is more on the monitor setups than furnitures. Here, let's share some information about what desks etc are better for trading activities and where to get them. Please post pictures if you have them.
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    I am also a fan of the Jerker desk. I bought them at IKEA last year, but they don't seem to carry them anymore. I can't kind it anywhere else. Any ideas? Thanks.
  3. all you need is a couple of milk crates from the dollar store

  4. I was in the Montreal Ikea store a few months ago & Ikea has changed itshe name, but same desk. Just go to website.
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    I'm also a fan of the Leap chair. Before my purchase, I tried out every ergo chair I could find and the Leap was easily the best. The Herman Miller 'Aeron' looks cool and gets a lot of press but the hard lower edge that holds the mesh made my legs go numb.

    As far as desks go, I've got a huge wood one that looks great. However, after long hours in front of the screens, I've found that I need more legroom so will probably opt for a more open model next time around. The printer, scanner, files can all be a bit further away w/o a problem. Will also look to suspend monitors from above or cantilever from the back of the desk to gain more valuable desktop real estate. While I'm on a roll - add in a flat-screen wall-mounted TV w/ Tivo / PVR so I won't keep catching the last few words of a potentially interesting tidbit...

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