Funny thing about Soviet communism

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    Back in the Soviet days, there was a thriving black market of "speculators", merchants who bought and sold imported stuff. you could get your hands on practically anything. as long as the cops were paid off to turn a blind eye. even though it was officially communist, it was de facto pure capitalism over there.

    the communists of the lenin era probably never in their wildest dreams imagined that america would fulfill their revolutionary dreams better than russia.
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    Correct! many deep thinking folks have said that in terms of equal rights, social support, fairness, ethics and very importantly 'highly non corrupt' functioning of vital organizations in the society.............. America has resembled communism in a much better and cleaner sense than the various other communist or heavily socialist nations.

    In West Germany there used to be a saying, 'Communists are the best Capitalists'.

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    this saying sums it all up perfectly.
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  5. Yes, my parents were originally from the Soviet Union.

    My dad used to run an importing business, he said he could get stuff in Russia you couldn't get in Australia at that time!

    Communists are indeed the best capitalists!
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    the black market was thriving is correct because there were shortages of nearly everything except shoddy goods produced by government factories.

    what dreams of lenin are you talking about?

    it was not de facto capitalism but de facto economic misery.
    do not romanticize the former soviet union.
  7. there were several more 'funniest' things when for the lage scale financial speculations was the capital punishment.there were also the provision in the law for so called 'parasitism'.in other words you could go to jail if you did not work more then 6 months.

    The entire ET would go to jail for parasitism in Soviet Union:D :D
  8. my elder friends used to rob those people(speculants).they brought me to the market and i witnessed how they were hiding all scared and nervous.i was just a kid back then...

    ever herd of Artem Tarasov?the first soviet millioner.he made something about $100 millions just in one month!!just selling personal computers.
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    not correct. "equal rights, social support, fairness, ethics and very importantly 'highly non corrupt' functioning of vital organizations in the society..." are capitalist ideals to be reached by the invisible hand of the market supported by the rule of law i.e. contract law etc.

    ps people who post with 3 smileys and exclamation marks are usually .....
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