funny story how I studied SCT

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  1. I’ve been trading for 5 years now, and since this job gives one plenty of free time, I decided to take a close look at SCT and what I can get from it.

    Well First I would like to congratulate all of you who use SCT,

    You are all very hard working people, the reason you are hard working is because SCT is unnecessarily complicated.

    SCT can be easily used when 80 % of what is taught is thrown out the window.

    The scary thing for most of you, is to hear that first thing I threw out the window is VOLUME,

    I imagine this is specifically scary to those of you with many many posts backing SCT as it is being packaged.

    Second thing I threw out is DOM, I am telling you people DOM information isn’t needed at all, you only need DOM if you are executing very large order, and order has to be VERY large, None of you here need DOM, IMO. (well maybe Bright bros)

    Third thing I threw out, is channel lines, yup I don’t need them, and I wonder why the rest of you DO need them

    But I did add something else, I added time stops,

    Well good luck, and you all need to think for yourself a little more, rather than swallow system that needs heavy modifying.

    my two cents
  2. I mean don't get me wrong, if you guys want to limit yourself and your profit with rules of SCT, by all means, knock yourself out :D
  3. Bright bros trades using the SCT methodology? :confused:

    ... and hey, who the hell told you to tell'em about timestops?

    You keep this up, people might actually learn how to trade around here. :p

    Good trading,

  4. My morning trade ..... using JH method.... I wish forex to have Volume but this trade is done only by Price....
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  5. Thanks for your genuine concern but I think we'll be ok :D

  6. gotta love a new "alias" created to tell people that their method is better than another method, lol. WHO CARES, just trade your own shit and keep your mouth shut. Unless you are actually going to run through a legit journal with your thoughts, concepts and methodology all you are doing is trying to get a rise out of people. And what good does that do?

    I hope you continue with your journal and prove me wrong, but this just sounds like another "F- you idiots" type thread under the guise of something "constructive"
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    I've never seen one of these attack dogs tell anybody how to trade.. this should be a great journal.. or moved to chit chat..
  8. The title of this thread is "funny story how....". Wtf is so funny about this story? I cant remember even one sec where I cracked a smile reading this thread.

    Illuminated One, can you please tell everyone what is so funny?
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    Yes you are right of course, nobody posted live trades and Jack blew up... of course, how could I be so dumb, excuse me for not accepting your viewpoint in lieu of actual due diligence on my part..

    I am really, really, really, waiting for the thread originator to fill us in on his trading method, this is supposed to be a funny and enlightening journal and I just [yawn] can't contain my enthusiasm in anticipation of reading the rest of it...
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    What does 'SCT' stand for :confused:
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