Funny, retail sales expected to be -0.1, What a joke!!!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by S2007S, Jul 12, 2007.

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    They low ball every number so everything looks great. After seeing most retailers today report to the upside how can retail sales not come in on the plus side. If I had to guess Im going with something in the range of 0.8%-1.2%+

    Look at WMT today 2%+ SSS....I can recall WMT sales always hovering between 2-4%, today a 2%+ gain in SSS sends the stock up over a dollar. Am I missing something here.

    Jul 13 8:30 AM Retail Sales Jun - -0.1% 0.0% 1.4%
  2. Underpromise, overdeliver..
  3. no you're missing nothing. the street has orchestrated the greatest scam in world history. they've simply found a 100% way to game the system. its called low ball everything and always suprise wether its econ #'s or earnings. wall street has trained all to reactive positively to any upside suprise no matter how bad the actual number is. just beat it and be rewarded. heres the part i love. EVER SEEN AN ANALYST BEFORE EARNINGS SAY"THE EXPECTATIONS ARE FOR 40 CENTS BUT WE THINK THEY'LL BEAT BY 5 CENTS. LOL IF THEY THINK THEY'LL BEAT WHY DON'T THEY RAISE THE #?BECAUSE ITS ALL A GAME TO BEAT THE now all the companies are in bed with analyst to guide them to were they want so they day it will backfire and be ugly
  4. I track and research 10 stocks. I only trade two or three of them in a given week. I haven't traded WMT since it ran up over 50 the first week in June. I felt it would give it back, but I felt that the big money that drove that move could return at any time. I would not track WMT without tracking a sympathy stock from the same group. I track TGT and trade it as well. In five trading days TGT has went from 63.26 to 70.04 while WMT has only went up .36 in the same time frame. News drives stocks but you have to look for references and confirmations within a stocks group. WMT looks like a laggard when compared to TGT specifically and the Dow generally, but you cannot expect WMT not to get some kind of upside from TGT's move and the Dow's as well. I do not think the dollar or so WMT took today has very much to with news as it does with TGT and the Dow 30.