Funny quote from Wis. GOP senator

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  1. Angry protesters confront a locked-out Sen. Grothman

    Protests against Gov. Scott Walker's budget and the battle for access to the Capitol took a tense turn last night when GOP Sen. Glenn Grothman was locked out of the building and was eventually surrounded by hundreds of angry protesters, according to the Cap Times.

    The paper reports that State Rep. Brett Hulsey, a Democrat from Madison, intervened and tried to calm the crowd. The incident lasted 5 to 10 minutes and firefighters eventually cleared a path for Grothman and Hulsey to make their way to a side entrance to the building.

    "This guy and I disagree on everything, but we're friends," the Cap Times quotes Hulsey as telling the demonstrators. "This is a peaceful protest. You need to back away."

    Grothman downplayed the situation and told the paper he didn't think he was ever in any real danger.

    "I really think if I had had to, I could have walked through the crowd and it would have been okay," he told the Cap Times. "They're loud, they'll give you the finger, and they yell at you, but I really think deep down inside they're just mostly college kids having fun, just like they're having fun sleeping with their girfriends on air mattresses. That's the guts of that crowd."

    Thought that was funny. :p
  2. DOES sound like fun. :D
  3. Air mattresses blow for the most part (no pun intended)

    I'd rather bang a girl on the floor.
  4. just like they're having fun sleeping with their girfriends on air mattresses. That's the guts of that crowd."


    Another sleight against the gay lesbian transgender community, oh yea, whazzup with disparing the sanctimony of marriage. What about the sleep impaired? They have feeling too!

    Ya know, those air matresses delate, think of the CO2, contributing to global warming.
  5. Hello


    My favourite was this quote tyesterday on MSNBC when senator Grothman called them all a bunch of slobs.... LOL!! :D The good stuff starts at about 3:00.

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