Funny posting time?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by billp, Aug 30, 2006.

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    Lately (last few days) when I read posts, I noticed that the time stated on posting is weird. Its like I read this post in the morning (ET=Eastern Time) but later at night when I opened it, the same post is showing another time. FYI, my computer clock is set to ET. Is there something wrong with my computer or something wrong with the website.

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    The times will show up differently if you visit the site using or just (no www). Basically, your time zone preference is stored under one of the two domains mentioned above, depending on which one you used when you originally registered. If at any point you visit using the other domain then post times will be displayed using the default time zone, which is GMT.
  3. A-ha! so it wasn't just me then. I thought I magically faxed myself to London or something when I start to re-read some threads. Good to know the space-time continuum is still okey-dokey!

  4. billp