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    I research a lot and sometimes get "info" from reputable sources that I just don't know what to do with.

    Sometimes there isn't enough information to make a solid conclusion.

    RFID money already exists. I am not privy to exactly what type of tracking or other agendas are being implemented with it however.

    Speculating ... it does make sense that RFID money will be the hardest to counterfeit and easiest to track.

    Attached is a copy of "Federal Reserve Notes" of the "North American Union."

    My source is extremely reputable and affirmed he received it from a top governmental official.

    I am just passing this on as ... "Can't confirm or deny" information.

    Please PM me if you have supportive documents or links along these lines ... thanks!
  2. Interesting. I don't recognize any faces and who's signature is that?
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    I can't seem to find Hitler's portrait in those currency notes :D
    And the notes seem to be entirely in English, how are our southern state going comprehend what the words mean; there's no espanol. :p
  4. A bunch of bankers. I recognize JP Morgan on the $2 bill and Paul Warburg on the $50 bill.

    This Larue guy seems to be a really crazy self-serving prophet however..
  5. As far as I understand the pictures are peoples of the Federal Reserve agenda.

    It is interesting to note that there are now many posts on this on the web. (I just looked)

    I have had this pic since before September last year.

    May well be nothing ... but I'm not claiming it is anything ... just more questions.
  6. I think the guy on the $1 is Charles Hamlin the first chairman of the federal reserve.
  7. It is very strange that Americans put up with having a private central bank like FED, which allows its small clique of owners to have free hands dipping into America national wealth, by which in tern creeping into obtaining governing power and becoming America's de-facto royalty. :mad:
  8. Americans are ignorant of it. (actually most people in the world are) They dont understand the concept of money. All they know is if you take one of those green pieces of paper and give it to someone for goods & services, they will accept it. Thats all people know.

  9. You know it is very refreshing to know that you two "get it" ... it encourages my heart to know
    some in America are awake and more are waking up daily here in the USA.
    Pray our numbers increase past the 5% threshold
    and that we act and have economic and favorable support
    to bring the US of America back from the brink.
  10. I'm still interested in WHOSE SIGNATURE is on it?

    I've been asking in this forum, every bank I've been to, and anybody else that will listen since last May (when we supposedly starting printing our first TRILLION DOLLARS worth of "NEW" currency). So I will ask once again;

    Has anybody ever seen a piece of currency, in any denomination, with TIM GEITHNER'S autograph?

    And, I would still like to know, whose autograph is on the ones you've posted?
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