Funny Investing! Flying Cars & Saucers!

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  1. In the world of the stonedinvestor you see quite a lot of weird stocks some of my past favorites: the machine gun that shot hundreds of thousand bullets a second from a drone Take that Osama! Forgetting the name of that one at the moment it didn't pan out. Thorium Power a long shot nuclear play with an equally funny background, a kosher food stock, The battery stock that is always just about to roll of the assembly line in far flung kakastan or somewhere and has these Youtube movies of the first one's being made... the hits or misses I should call them just keep on coming it's part of what makes investing worth getting up in the morning. In my many stock travels I don't think I've come up with as funny a story as this one-

    There is a company called Moller International Inc. (MLER), which is the only publicly traded company that's in the flying car/saucer business. I have attached a link that has the " proof "
    You will notice in the video that there is a crane with a tether attached to the flying vehicle!! LOL. My understanding however is that it is an FAA regulation that "flying vehicles" in the testing stage that go above 10 feet must be on a tether. The vehicle actually does fly; it's not the tether that's holding it up. If you look closely at the video, you will see that the tether is slack, not tight. In fact about the 3 minute mark you can see it clearly. The car/saucer does get up mighty high higher than 10 feet that's for sure although it doesn't seem to go forwards that well (of course it is tethered) Check it out @

    At only $90,000 though this would not be the worst toy for Manhattan driving OVER congestion. Hey Mayor Bloomberg, forget about congestion pricing, charging people to drive- what are the rules about flying over tunnels and bridges and traffic in times square? I've had a recurring dream in the past in which I float around the city in a UFO like device BLASTING my favorite music and waking everyone up and causing big time turmoil throughout the city. The cops unable to serve me a noise summons no doubt will chase me in a helicopter but I'm really considering buying one. Screw these Green alternatives on the road now Prius or whatever i want Martian like ability and to be of course the talk of the town i want a flying saucer car it's just the stock i don't want! ~ stoney
  2. Well undoubtedly you all have heard of the " Cramer Effect " we l I think we have our first example off the Stoned Effect i kid you not the flying car stock had a huge day up 5%! > Check out that volume I have a feeling one of you linked this overview/ video to UTube or something... You may force me to buy it if it crosses $1 tomorrow..... SI
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    LOVE IT!

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  4. This thing has been on my watchlist forever, but until I see some bigtime volume, I won't buy because their deadlines and mainstream awareness keep getting pushed back. Lots of impatient investors will sell at every bump up and it's gonna take a lotta buying power to overtake them
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    Another Jetson's pick for this thread,

    What was the robot maid's name? Damn, I can't remember.

    Anyway IRBT (which I have traded in the past), had a nice day today with great volume.
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    The flying cars are licensed to be legal up to 10 feet above the ground. I heard an interview of the CEO a few weeks ago. He said he thought a big part of his market was for over-the-water rescue and oil rig maintenance type work. They are legal, afaik, for flying just about anywhere but the onboard processors limit altitude to the aforementioned height. They also have to develope hundreds of horsepower to just hover so I doubt gas mileage is much to brag about. With 8 engines the number of moving parts is relatively large and reliability varies inversely with moving parts.

    It would be fun to have one for sure..

    Edit: just go to for the specs and various models.. one goes 300 +mph and gets 20 mpg!!
  7. Well it's been up, up and away for our Jetson's stock. Up another 16% today. Just a matter of time before the bears rain on this parade....

    Moller International says its M200G 'flying saucer' can revolutionise personal travel
    7 September 2007

    Seen the Jetsons with their flying cars? Well, life may get to be a little more like the cartoon serial if a California company is to be believed. It says it is coming up with a personal aircraft, much like a flying saucer, which you and I can fly to work!

    It has been called the vehicle of the future and the ultimate way to beat the rush hour commute. The M200G, called a 'flying saucer', is being built by a company called Moller International, based in Davis, California, which designs, develops, manufactures and markets personal vertical takeoff and landing aircraft.

    Company representatives say the futuristic device is easy to operate, and has space for one passenger. Capable of vertical take-off and landing, the craft — so far just a prototype — hovers like a helicopter up to 10 feet off the ground.

    It is the brainchild of Dr Paul Moller, an aeronautics engineer who says a highway in the sky could cut conventional commuter traffic in half. He feels the sky is a great space that is not being utilised. Cars, he says, are finished as a means of getting around. It's only a matter of time.

    Eight engines power the flying sauce, which can run on petrol, diesel or even ethanol. Dr Moller and his team say they have already conducted more than 200 test flights. But Moller International has not yet decided which US agency — the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) or the Department of Transport — it will approach to authorise its use.

    It says the flying saucer is a precursor to the M400— called the 'skycar' — which looks a bit like a Batmobile. Apart from vertical take-off and landing, the M400, it says, can be driven on the road as well as flown through the sky.

    The company is offering the M400 for sale on its website at between $500,000 and $1 million each, depending on how many orders it gets. Dr Moller says the Skycar could be in production within six years or so. He says it will be able to climb at 6,000ft a minute and travel at around 700 kmph.

    But a strong word of caution here…
    So far, the flying car's inventor has been at work for more than four decades and, despite frequent assurances that success is just around the corner, the vehicle is yet to get anywhere near the market.

    In 2003, the US financial watchdog, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), filed a case against Dr Moller alleging that he had used "false and misleading statements" to find fresh investors.

    Court documents said that in 1997, his company's promotional material had predicted 10,000 sales of a 400-mile-per-hour flying car by 2002, promised a stock market listing, and a sharp rise in share prices, none of which ever materialised. The case was settled out of court, with the company paying a civil penalty of $50,000.