Funny how some run from bubbles flying to gold

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    No dividends, no interest payments; apart from a marginal industrial use, gold is all extrinsic value, which can come and go like that.

    I am not going to enter into the merit of investing in gold, if it is good or not right now, but according to what I've been reading, what most don't realize is that the gold market is just speculation, and at its finest form.
  2. At least it does not carry counterparty risk.
    Besides better gold than cash under the mattress.
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    Ok, going long gold futures is safer than dealing yayo, I'll give you that :D

    Also, who really keeps cash under the mattress? Isnt it just an urban legend?
  4. It's even better than cash in the bank.
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  6. Read my previous post.
  7. Is this some research by Fidelity? :p
  8. Gold is accepted as currency for over 1,000 years and there is a limited supply. Dollars on the other hand well :)
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    What event has a higher chance of happening:

    a) the default of a major bank upon its clients cash accounts
    b) you having your property stolen

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    Well, could you point me a reason why investing in gold is a safer investment than, lets say, going long on some SPYs?
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