Funny how ET's birthers are now claiming victory, and "Hail to The Donald"

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  1. Isn't it?
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    Not really.
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    As a person who believed Obama was born in the states before this even came out, im just happy its all over, now the left wing media is going to have to focus on what a shitty job Obama is doing as president, Obama just got rid of an issue that was making half the republican party look stupid, now they can go back to focusing on how much of a disaster he is.
  4. Very :D :D :D :D

    Its just been exposed to the world that half the republican party are some of the biggest idiots on the planet..that has to hurt:)
  5. I can picture Trump and Co. jaw dropping when they saw the document....give them some time, they are still in a state of denial.:D
  6. Are you kidding? Trump will declare victory, if he has not already done so. Just as he continues to do when his various interests periodically go into bankruptcy and his investors lose money.
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    +1 and he is doing a shitty job, there can be no doubt.
  8. He already has claimed victory. He said he's proud that his words have had such a profound effect. Trump is shameless. Even his failures are a gigantic success in his mind.
  9. A man who truly knows how to get into win win situations.
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    I often wish i was as oblivious and self absorbed as some of these people. Its like that idiot from Jersey shore, who just goes out and does what he wants and lives in a fantasy world where everything he ever does is awesome.

    Think about how easy life would be if you never had to feel any shame, and you felt like everything you did was just awesome! :D
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