Funny how CEOs never acknowledge a recession....

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    Last week warren buffet said a recession was unlikely this week FDX ceo says "US ECONOMY IS NOT RECESSION BOUND"

    Always get a good laugh when I listen to these ceos talk, also have all those bulls on cnbc and bloomberg never ever thinking a recession is coming. Funny thing is the US is still in the same recession as its been in for the last few years, the trillions in stimulus have made so many people believe there is a turn around in this economy.

    FedEx CEO: US Economy Is Not Recession Bound
    Reuters | October 06, 2011 | 10:34 AM EDT

    FedEx Chief Executive Fred Smith said Thursday that he does not expect the U.S. economy to slip back into recession.

    "We don't see a contraction; we don't see a recession," FedEx's [ FDX 72.20 +1.79 (+2.54%) ] Smith said at a meeting in Columbus, Ohio, where General Electric [ GE 15.53 +0.26 (+1.70%) ] unveiled research on midsized companies.

    "It's steady as you go, slow growth," Smith said. "Not contraction."
  2. 48 priniples - all these guys operate with. Learned at courses. Originates from UK. Every carsalesman, RE agent uses it in english speaking world.
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    Hardly any CEOs come from economics or investments background. Hence reading of the 'main rudder' behind the business bottomline is usually ignored.

  4. CEO's never acknowledge when they fuck up and cause a 2nd Great Depression too. Instead, it's always Bonus Time! :D

    Come to think of it - politicians never acknowledge when they fuck up either. Wonder if there is a relationship there.... hmmm......