funny. fox not news.

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    According to...a comedian?

    A leftist comedian at that.

    Very uh... "factual" stuff, as usual.
  2. Yeah John Stewart never takes anything out of context or anything like that.

    Maybe CNN needs to fact check him like they did to SNL.
  3. even you have to admit. he hit a bullseye.
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    If I were a liberal blinded by bias, consumed with man love for Obama and filled with hate for anyone or anything even remotely conservative. I MIGHT agree with you.
  5. exactly what part did he get wrong. do you deny fox news bias? even fox says that the programing it puts on for 9 hours a day is not news.

    "Fox went on to define their news hours as 9a-4p & 6-8p, parameters which exclude Cavuto, O'Reilly, Fox & Friends crew, Glenn Beck, Greta Van Susteren, and Sean Hannity from the news category and leave a bunch of people you've never heard of"
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    Jon Stewart is a comedian and entertainer vhehn. He says whatever it takes to get his (mostly liberal) audience to laugh. Facts, at least in their proper context, are rarely an issue on his show.

    In general, just because someone who shares your bias says something you agree with doesn't make it fact. Even if you do think it's funny.
  7. so you cant really point to anything he made fun of that was not true. you just dont like it because he made fun of your guys.
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    I didn't watch the segment. But I've seen him before and I know the liberties he takes just to get a laugh.
    In fact I've seen him distort the truth and make a joke out of US POW's in WWII. Just to get a laugh.

    While I generally prefer FOX to other networks I don't watch much news, including FOX. So their not really "my guys".
  9. I noticed that the picuture that Stewart used for Fox's news programming did not include Brit Hume, Chris Wallace or Shepard Smith. Do you claim you never heard of these people?
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