funny data from IB this morning

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  1. I found quote from IB this morning is funny. It obviously lag behind scottrade's and very jumpy. And, the volume is ridiculous, too. Anybody has the same problem?
  2. JamesJ


    just posted in the FNM thread.

    exactly same problem here, and be cautious, stops don't go out when they are supposed to...

    btw. had the same problems yesterday, but only limited and small delay...
    but today is a pain in the ass
  3. I was trading rimm. had to close moments ago. will continue to watch closely
  4. Honda


    Bid is 10-20 cents higher than the ask on stocks. I spoke with IB chat and they said they are aware of the problem.
  5. Surdo


    I had data problems lag/frozen with 3 brokers on different internet connections, I somehow made money today and am calling it a day!
  6. jkerviel


    IB booktrader has had that problem for many months , probably always had it. As soon as the market is busy, the bid and ask become reversed and most entered trades aren't taken.
  7. didn't improve much. reported it to IB.
  8. Honda


    Come on IB. Quote lag big time around 2:52 PM.
  9. My update on IB data problem. later I tried tws 883 on my another computer. the quote was fine. Then I upgraded the version (884) with the problem to 885. The problem was gone. Just in time to catch RIMM's second leg down around noon. So guys who had the same problem can check the version you are using. If it is 884, you may consider upgrading to 885
  10. Honda


    Still experiencing quote lag at certain times, even on some slow financial stocks.
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