Funny 10 years a man I considered a fool said the "Snake race" prepares to come back

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  1. 10 years ago I had just finished my engineering school, I was just beginning my carreer. After being an employee for 2 years I decided to be my own boss. I then contact potential clients. And the first one was the CEO of an important training firm. He has been a director at Microsoft and coming from an elite engineering school so I couldn't suspect that he was a fool.

    I met him during a meeting he was organising for partners. We were several persons at the end discussing when someone told an esoteric joke. I joined the conversation saying "hey I don't believe to those mystic thing". Then the CEO stared at me strangely : "you don't believe in karma ?" "No" I thought it was still a joke. But he was not joking at all and he began to explain how he was converted from atheism by reading a book "the emeraud forest" (I don't know the title in english although it was an american book). He said look at my hand he moved from left to right more and more faster: "you see my hand is disppearing: everything is vibration but we don't see them when it is faster and faster". Well I said to myself he just refers to quantum theory so what, It won't prevent me from sleeping at night. I stared at him like a cow although I begin to have the impression of being having a conversation with a mad man, I have always been curious so I listened at him as much seriously as I can since I feel like laughing at him sometimes. And at the end he said to me: "you know the 10 years coming now will be very dangerous for the world. Some people belonging to the Snake race are coming back. they even ignore that they belong to this race and don't understand their own behavior". Snake race what's that, I never hear about any snake race except the normal snakes :). he then explained that he refers to nazis. They haven't disappeared and prepare for revenge. He asked me to buy the book at the commercial center that was just near. I bought the book I read the beginning but couldn't read until the end I was fed up and I gave it to somebody else :D What's a pity I can't find it any more.

    2 years later I met him again during a business meeting organised by Asymetrix (you know the Paul Allen's firm). I faint not to recognise him although he was fixing me insistently: I didn't want to hear about his silly stories again.

    Now I wonder if he wasn't right, at least if he didn't have an intuition that now seems to realise.