Funniest Trading website EVER

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  1. This has got to be the ALL TIME WINNER...

    for just $129 a month, the 'wolf' will graciously tell you when it's an outside day! Sheesh, that's gonna save us all a lotta work, right?!
  2. a funny part of that website, besides the testimonials, is where he refers you to a barrons article from 1998, that HE wrote. one article =$700 for 6 months. Geez.

    your buddy, vinny
  3. I'm still trying to figure out what the hell he thinks he's selling?
  4. josbarr


    $700 for 6 months is a deal compared to:


    That is just INCREDIBLE!

    It's 3 pages, first page a picture of Griswald (didn't National Lampoon make a movie about his family vacation to Yoorop?)

    Second page a 'special discount' (only $1000 a month instead of the usual $1600!!!!)

    Third page a members only tips page.... WHY would ANYONE sign up for that?

    I laughed so hard I blew coffee outta my nose...

    BTW, he's a member of 'MENSA', which stands for 'Massive Ego, No Serious Achievement' :)
  6. this is the best part:

    "For those of you who wish a detailed track record or more information than is on this site, these are NOT available. DrG does not wish to waste his time possibly having to answer about his true statements to bureaucrats. So, you are most welcome to subscribe or not. Thank you for visiting the site."

    :D :D :D
  7. ElCubano


    G Greenwald MD
    P.O. Box 560637
    Miami, Florida, USA 33256

    The address says it all.......Scam Capital of the World ...
  8. Old Buddy of yours Cubes???

    I can see ya now, hood down, tootling along main st, Vice City, gunning innocent passersby and giggling like schoolgirls...probably with Surf's rapidly cooling body in the trunk....
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  10. first time I agreed with babak. is a funny site.

    You beat on someone long enough, they come around.
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