Funniest trading sites award

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Wappers2, Mar 19, 2004.

  1. its about time we did the rounds of the world's most hilarious trading-related websites again. Unintentionally funny sites are best (so that leaves HarryTrader's stuff out of bounds). I'll start the ball rolling with:-

    (1) crap 5 page design
    (2) claims of a '100%' perfect trading system
    (3) ludicrous price (paypal max!)
    (4) author's tendency to reply to flaming in newsgroups with the skill and expertise of a 5 year old boy
    (5) likelihood that some silly suckers have actually purchased it! (faqs have download problem solutions, suggesting at least 1 person has tried it!!!)

    anyone got any more?
  2. DT-waw


    Sure. :p
  3. ARF! ARF! ;-)
  4. (6) "Warning a Spammer has stolen our email address and is sending out a file "your_document.pif" Delete it. It is not from us! We do not email files! "

  5. Nasty Spammer! BADDDD Spammer!!!

    well spotted, Bung. And Surf - that is just fantastic! Yet Another 100% accurate system, this time over 60 years! Makes you wonder how anyone ever manages to LOSE any money! Think I can top 'em all tho (scroll past the news item at the top):-

    sheer brilliance!

    surf on dudes!