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  1. C'mon guys, which snakeoil website offering 'guaranteed' profits by trading do you think is the most hilarious? I'll start you off with 'Spank Book', it nearly made me fall off my chair! Arf!
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  3. And I quote, "Trendfund members have access to one of the best kept secrets on Wall Street, trade intelligently, and MAKE MONEY!
    Years of trading have taught us that trends are our friends.
    We trade only low-risk/high-reward plays, and WE PLAY TO WIN!"

    that is FREAKIN FUNNY dude! I still think that spank book is winning for sheer DESPERATE lack of believability.... I wonder if OddiBurro from the hilarious 'Murrey Math" thread has a website...

    The guru says: "Stop 892, Buy 893, Target 905 in 28 Minutes."

    We consistently pick the right top and right bottom at the right time with minimum risk while others try to pick the middle with the risk exposure that we will never allow.
  5. That's one ugly site, but not silly enough to make top grade Marathon Man. Having said that, I wouldnt trust the 'guru' (now in his 5th successful year (didnt realise chimps lived that long) to serve me a happy meal on a tray....
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    You mention it is the funniest site because it "guarantees" results. Just where does it say that?

    If your snide remarks are to be compared with your visual acuity, then your remarks can be accepted in the same vein.:confused:
  7. Hey everybody! The owner of Spank Book is in the house! With a BIGGGG 1st post! Woo hoo! Face it man, your site sucks!!!!
  8. Hands down, has got my vote for being the most hilarious-- it even hurts my eyes when I scroll down on the home page. On the other hand, the cartoon donkey mouth on Waxie's site kinda' reminds me of Waxie himself. heehaw heehaw:D
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    Wappers2:- I have had a look at other remarks you have made about other topics and sites. I don't think you had anything nice to say about anybody, anything or anyone's site.

    All you do is make sarcastic, caustic and biting remarks on any topic you select. Where is the benefit to other readers when you use this approach?

    It wouldn't be so bad if you could at least make some constructive suggestions, but instead, you go in the opposite direction, and attempt to destroy, ruin and demolish any topic you choose to discuss. And your remarks are based on innuendo's and insinuations.

    What a life you must live!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Perhaps you have a site that we could comment on??????
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    Re: your comment: "... it even hurts my eyes when I scroll down on the home page."

    Well, at least you don't have to squint.
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